Introduction to the Isle of Man is an evening course run at University College Isle of Man (UCM). The course examines the archaeology, history, and culture of the Isle of Man through a combination of taught classes and site visits.

The course is a Level 4 (first-year undergraduate) 20-credit module that is accredited by the University of Chester through UCM. This module forms part of the UCM’s BA (Hons) History & Heritage, but is also offered as an independent course to members of the public.


Fieldtrip with Dr Andrew Foxon
Fieldtrip with Dr Andrew Foxon

The course is taught in 24 two-hour sessions. Sessions are held on Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 7:50pm starting at the end of September. There will also be a number of Saturday field-trips to archaeological sites around the island, the Manx Museum, and the Legislative Buildings.

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  If you think you know everything about Manx history, geology, archaeology, culture and politics you would be wrong. This course is presented by top academic experts in their own fields, delivered to a high standard but never too technical to be beyond the grasp of a mature student group” (Peter).


Fieldtrip with Dr Andrew Foxon
Fieldtrip with Dr Andrew Foxon

This course covers a wide variety of topics, including the geology and archaeology of the Island; its social, economic, and political history; its built and natural environments; and its language, literature, music, and folklore. Each session will be taught by a lecturer who is a specialist in that area.





Field trips allow you to study first-hand some of the Island’s archaeological sites, the archaeological collection at the Manx Museum, the art collection at the Manx Museum, and Manx National Heritage’s library and archives. You will also explore the history of Tynwald through a tour of the Legislative Buildings.

  The Introduction to the Isle of Man is a must for anyone wanting to find out about the rich and diverse history and culture that the Island has. I have lived here for 25 years and am finding so much information I didn’t know , not just about the history I thought I knew but all aspects of the Island from early Mann to the geology of the Island. Also you meet like-minded people who become fast friends” (Andrea).


Fieldtrip with Dr Andrew Foxon
Fieldtrip with Dr Andrew Foxon

If you would like to see some of the work produced by students in 2015-16, you can watch a short video of their poster exhibition at Douglas Market Hall. You can also read about the exhibition and view a selection of the student posters.




  I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone with an interest in the Island. The lecturers we have so far enjoyed know their subjects inside out and deliver their material with skill and passion. You find yourself viewing the familiar with new eyes and come to realise how lucky we are to live on an Island with such a rich history” (Chris).

To find out more about Introduction to the Isle of Man, visit the UCM course page.

UCM also offers A History of the Isle of Man: AD979 to the Present, which provides a detailed overview of Manx history over the last thousand years, through a series of 20 two-hour lectures.

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