Study History & Heritage at UCM

UCM is one of the very few places in the world where you can study for an undergraduate degree in History & Heritage.

This is an exciting undergraduate degree from University College Isle of Man and the University of Chester.

If you want to learn more about life in the past and about how the past influences us today, then the BA (Hons) History & Heritage is the programme for you.

Have a look at what the History & Heritage degree has to offer on this short introductory video. Further information is available on this longer video.

Why heritage?

Heritage represents those aspects of our past that are still active today, whether buildings and landscapes, or customs and traditions such as music and dance. This makes it an ideal subject to study in conjunction with history. Heritage gives us a different perspective on the study of history and on the way in which the past impacts upon us today.

The Isle of Man is an ideal place to study history and heritage. The Island has a strong sense of its own history, both locally and globally in terms of the Island’s historic connections with the outside world. The Island also has a unique heritage and a strong and growing heritage industry.

You’ll have the opportunity to study these local resources first-hand, as a means of getting to grips with global heritage issues. We also work closely with organisations such as Manx National Heritage to help enhance our students’ experience.

What will I study?

Modules on a variety of aspects of history and heritage (from the local to the international) will encourage you to reflect critically on significant historical events and themes, and on the way in which heritage is constructed and managed today.

You will study a variety of subjects relating to the history and heritage of the Isle of Man, Britain, Europe, and the wider world. Each year, you will study a number of core modules, and you will also be able to choose from a range of optional modules.

You will learn about the process and methods of historical research and the ways in which the past has been interpreted and re-interpreted over time. You will explore the role of the heritage industry in representing the past, and the ways in which heritage is managed, understood, and used by governments, heritage agencies and communities.

Skills and employment

A broad range of skills will be developed through your studies which will equip you for a wide variety of employment opportunities.

Throughout your degree, you’ll acquire skills that can be applied in a wide range of careers. For example, you’ll learn how to evaluate evidence, develop an argument, and communicate that argument in a convincing way. You’ll become an independent thinker and problem solver who manages their own time and learning. These skills are particularly valued by employers. History graduates routinely find work in government, business, the media, education, marketing, and law.

In your second year, you will have the opportunity to undertake a five-week work placement, or to carry out an independent research project.

Off-Island field trips give students the chance to study the history and heritage of different regions.

Modes of study

You can choose to study full-time (3 years) or part-time (6 years), giving you the flexibility to manage your studies around the rest of your life.

We welcome applications from both school-leavers and mature students.

For more information, visit the UCM History & Heritage degree webpage and download the History & Heritage Prospectus.

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