Learn about the history of the Isle of Man with this university-accredited evening class. Learn new skills for credit or simply top-up your knowledge of Manx history.

This class provides a detailed overview of Manx history over the last thousand years. It covers all of the main periods and events, and introduces students to the key figures from different eras.

Study the Island’s Viking legacy, the Court of Tynwald, the mid-17th century political crisis, the economic boom and bust of the 18th century, the consequences of the Revestment, constitutional and political reform in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and explore the Island today in the context of its history.

Students will explore the sources that are available for the study of Manx history, and will learn how to study some of the relevant documents, from the Viking era through to the present day.

The course is a Level 5 (second-year undergraduate) 20-credit module that is accredited by the University of Chester through UCM. This module forms part of the UCM’s BA (Hons) History & Heritage, but is also offered as an independent course to members of the public.

Download the Timetable and Course Information for A History of the Isle of Man 2017-18 To find out more about A History of the Isle of Man, visit the UCM course page.

UCM also offers Introduction to the Isle of Man, which provides a broad introduction to Manx history, archaeology and culture. This course is taught by a variety of experts, through a series of 24 two-hour lectures and fieldtrips.

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