History & Heritage Lecture Series 2015-16


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20 January 2016
Dr Sue Nicol (University of Liverpool)
Boys will be boys or A tale of Manx juvenile delinquency

17 February 2016
Dr Catriona Mackie (Isle of Man College and University of Chester)
Tenants and landlords: Reform and resistance in the Scottish Hebrides

9 March 2016
Stacey Astill (University of Liverpool)
Canaries and KLIM tins: Invention and creativity in European prison camps, 1939-1945

20 April 2016
Andrew Johnson (Manx National Heritage)
The Way to the Hills: moving from farm to common without treading on others’ toes

4 May 2016
Professor Howard Williams (University of Chester)
Smiths, Myths, and Viking Age Stones

11 May 2016
Dr Mike Hoy (University of Huddersfield/University of Liverpool)
A Manx child in the eighteenth century