Understanding Castle Rushen

Edmund Southworth BA, M.Phil., AMA, FSA, MIoD, Manx National Heritage

The management of change in historic buildings relies on an understanding of their construction, use, modification, significance and importance in their environment. Castle Rushen has been at the heart of Manx history, politics and life for over 800 years and has changed radically over time as its purpose and context has altered. It is surely the most important structure on the Island.

Today Manx National Heritage faces significant challenges in maintaining this ancient building, telling its many stories, and facilitating a complex range of activities which still take place inside and outside it. Our first action was to understand what we are dealing with and the evidence we have at our disposal.

This illustrated lecture introduces the recently completed Conservation Management Plan and attempts to trace the complex sequence of building, rebuilding and demolition from the 12th century to the present day.

Castle Rushen

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