History & Heritage Lecture Series 2016-2017


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19 October 2016
Edmund Southworth, Manx National Heritage
Understanding Castle Rushen

16 November 2016
Dr Robert Fyson
In Search of James Brown (1815-1881)

Saturday 3 December 2016
A Half-Day Symposium, 9am-2pm
A Manx Miscellany

14 December 2016
Prof. Howard Williams, University of Chester
Watchful Warriors on Viking-Age Sculpture

18 January 2017
Prof. Tim Thornton, University of Huddersfield
Lordship and Sovereignty in the Isle of Man: subkingship and its implications, 1300-1600

15 February 2017
Prof. Sir David M. Wilson
New Light on the Manx Crosses

15 March 2017
Katie Kewley, University of Liverpool
The Manx Stone Axe-head Project: Progress Report

5 April 2017
Dr Jennifer Kewley Draskau
‘The Great Whore of Babylon’: Charlotte de la Trémoille, Countess of Derby

17 May 2017
Hamish Killip
Death in Detention: Internees whose lives ended on the Isle of Man - a perspective

14 June 2017
Dr Sue Nicol
Fear, Flight and Freedom: The Island’s Part in Norway’s Liberation Struggle

28 June 2017
Andrew Walters
A History of Futures Past: Morphosis, Diamond Ranch and the Architecture of Weightlessness